Abrahams-Rizzardi Associates

Data Science  ~  Software Engineering  ~  Statistics

We are a two-person contract-work firm, in operation since 1990, that specializes in customized statistical analysis, data science, and related software development. We consult on both short- and long-term projects. We are located in Berkeley, California, but will travel as necessary.

Particular interests include multivariate/multifactor time series data and low signal-to-noise problems such as (but not limited to) those found in financial markets. Projects have ranged from research — with emphasis on data exploration, asking and answering questions, investigating, developing, and coding customized methods — to production — with emphasis on algorithm validation, data validation, error handling/recovery (“bullet-proofing”), user-friendliness, and clear documentation.

Tools used include Python, NumPy, Pandas, Xarray, SKlearn, Matplotlib, Seaborn, R, C, Linux (various flavors), bash shell scripting, Cygwin, WxPython, and (in the past) Perl, tcsh, Octave (a Matlab workalike) … and even Fortran(!). We can deliver products that run on either Linux/Unix or Windows (or both).

Additional capabilities include:  • Numerical workflow automation  • Data cleaning, validation, and reformulation  • Statistical code refactoring  • Technical documentation  • SOHO Linux installation and configuration (emphasis on Ubuntu, CentOS, RHEL, and Rocky) with particular knowledge of:  • multiboot Linux installs • kickstart Linux installs • automated backups • Samba administration for Windows clients on Linux servers • disk partitioning and backup strategies for resiliance with respect to disaster recovery, OS upgrades, and multibooting.

Clients have included: California Statistical Software Inc., DSI International Management, Hitachi High-Tech America Inc., MediaCom, PaineWebber Group Inc., Sakura Sky Media Pty Ltd., UBS Global Asset Management, and (as partners) Piscataqua Capital Management, LLC.

Our personnel:

To contact us regarding potential projects, email [something]. (Use this address for initial contact only — don’t enter it into your address book. It’s a disposable email address and will be changed as soon as the spammers harvest it.)

Because we already receive so much spam and so many robot-junk phone calls, we list here neither our regular email nor our phone number (sorry!). All email sent to unknown addresses @abriz.net is automatically rejected — for example, anything sent to sales@abriz.net, support@abriz.net, or expired contact addresses formerly listed on this page.

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