Abrahams-Rizzardi Associates

Data Science  ~  Software Engineering  ~  Statistics

We are a two-person contract-work firm, in operation since 1990, that specializes in customized statistical analysis, data science, and related software development. We consult on both short- and long-term projects. We are located in Berkeley, California, but will travel as necessary.

Particular interests include multivariate/multifactor time series data and low signal-to-noise problems such as (but not limited to) those found in financial markets. Projects have ranged from research — with emphasis on data exploration, asking and answering questions, investigating, developing, and coding customized methods — to production — with emphasis on algorithm validation, data validation, error handling/recovery (“bullet-proofing”), user-friendliness, and clear documentation.

Tools used include Python, NumPy, Pandas, Xarray, SKlearn, Matplotlib, Seaborn, R, C, Linux, bash scripting, Cygwin, WxPython, and (in the past) Perl, tcsh, Octave (a Matlab workalike) … and even Fortran(!). We can deliver products that run on either Linux/Unix or Windows (or both).

Additional capabilities include:  • Numerical workflow automation  • Data cleaning, validation, and reformulation  • Statistical code refactoring  • Technical documentation  • SOHO Linux installation and configuration (emphasis on Ubuntu and CentOS) with particular knowledge of:  • multiboot installs • automated backups • Samba administration for Windows clients on Linux servers • disk partitioning and backup strategies for resiliance with respect to disaster recovery, OS upgrades, and multibooting.

Clients have included: California Statistical Software Inc., DSI International Management, Hitachi High-Tech America Inc., MediaCom, PaineWebber Group Inc., Sakura Sky Media Pty Ltd., UBS Global Asset Management, and (as partners) Piscataqua Capital Management, LLC.

Our personnel:

To contact us regarding potential projects, email [something]. (Use this address for initial contact only — don’t enter it into your address book. It’s a disposable email address and will be changed as soon as the spammers harvest it.)

Because we already receive so much spam and so many robot-junk phone calls, we list here neither our regular email nor our phone number (sorry!). All email sent to unknown addresses @abriz.net is automatically rejected — for example, anything sent to sales@abriz.net, support@abriz.net, or expired contact addresses formerly listed on this page.

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